Miley Cyrus Tweets Before Returning To The Stage

checked in with her Twitter followers on Tuesday (October 6) in preparation for her first concert since being sidelined with strep throat. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star writes:

Massive headache :( WAHHHH! I’ve come to terms with the fact that my body hates me.

@tracecyrus Can’t sleep all day today buddy boy WE got a show to do! I feel almost 100% but I can’t lay in bed another second I gotta rock!

McDonald’s burgers are glorious! Sooo good! I just ate a burger, fries, and an ice cream cone. Getting pumped for the show!!! :)))

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been & for that my family’s SO grateful. So for LAME bloggers that don’t know what they’re talking about SHUT UP!

@tracecyrus was so smiley today because he got to perform again. Took the boy off the stage for 3 days & he acted like it was opening night.

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