Miley Cyrus Urges Fans To Vote For Kirstie Alley On ‘DWTS’

Miley Cyrus wearing Southern Made Hollywood Paid sunglasses

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MileyCyrus) moments ago, urging them to vote for Kirstie Alley and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The 18-year-old ran into trouble though posting the wrong number, causing fans to dial into Ranger Wear. Miley writes:

I <3 Kirstie Alley! Call (800) ***-3411 SHOW HER SOME LOVE AND VOTE FOR HER RIGHT NOW! ONLY 40 MORE MINUTES UNTIL VOTING IS OVER! <3333 (800) ***-3411 <3 KIRSTIE <3 KIRSTIE <3 KIRSTIE <3 KIRSTIE <3 KIRSTIE <3 KIRSTIE <3 KIRSTIE! CALL NOW! ITS TIME TO SHOW OFF THE FAN POWER! X crap I had tweeted the wrong number! Please call for Kirstie to win tonight! 30 more minutes to vote call now! 800-868-3411 PLEASE CALL! 800-868-3411 LETS MAKE KIRSTIE FEEL SUPER LOVED! CALL CALL CALL! You know what would make me really happy? Kirstie Alley winning DWTS! 800-868-3411 CALL RIGHT NOW! Let's show off the FAN POWER! CALL 800-868-3411 VOTE FOR KA! Only I could screw up enough to make 1000000 people vote for RANGER WEAR! WHAT THE HELL MAN! CALL 800-868-3411 & VOTE FOR KIRSTIE!

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