Mimi’s Adventures Flop In Hong Kong

Mariah Carey’s ”Adventures of Mimi” tour is continuing to suffer from poor ticket sales. Concerts Asia announced through their website that Mariah’s latest show will be cancelled due to “poor response” and “unreasonable demands” from the diva. The show only managed to sell 4,000 tickets to her Hong Kong concert despite heavy promotion. Mariah also had to cancel dates in the U.S, due to poor ticket sales, earlier this year.

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One thought on “Mimi’s Adventures Flop In Hong Kong

  1. Tim says:

    It’s not suprising her tour attendance was bad and dates had to be canceled throughout it. She spent way too much time being a studio artist, and after using studio trickery for her albums, she knows she can’t sing it live. That, in turn, causes her to lip-synch. And if she nevered toured when she was experiencing her biggest success, that means she just now trying to build a foundation for touring. And she’s only did this because she was afraid of another failed album, not because she was giving her fans a chnace to see her. And this late in her career, even with 160 million albums sold and numerous Top 10 singles, Mariah will forever remain a poor-attendance touring draw.

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