Miranda Cosgrove At Her Sweet 16 Birthday Party

invited Tiger Beat and BOP to her Sweet 16 Birthday Party last weekend and had a special message for the mag’s readers. “I’m so excited. All my friends are here tonight,” the ‘iCarly’ star said. “People that I’ve known forever. My friends from Utah and New York have come out tonight, and all my best friends are here. I’m having a great time, and Sara Bareilles is gonna perform, who I absolutely adore. I can’t believe I’m 16!” Watch the message below.

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One thought on “Miranda Cosgrove At Her Sweet 16 Birthday Party

  1. helen says:

    Miranda I love you!
    happy birthday I love you so much
    I love iCarly I even get in trouble because I watch your show alot!
    I love you and Jeanette and Nathan and Jerry! All of you guys

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