Miranda Cosgrove MySpace Welcome Video

Miranda Cosgrove on a sunny day

‘iCarly’ star checked in with a video message for her fans on her MySpace (@mirandacosgroveofficial), promising to put up more video blogs “and all sorts of fun stuff”. The video can be viewed below.

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11 thoughts on “Miranda Cosgrove MySpace Welcome Video

  1. Emily Bennett says:

    you are the best on Drake and Josh

  2. Grant Archer says:

    hey I really like iCarly and Drake and Josh and I wanted to know if you have a cell phone and if you do could you say the number. just for your info I am not a stalker

  3. monica waldron says:

    hi Miranda. you are awesome on iCarly and Drake and Josh. I love you.

  4. Mirac says:

    Hi Miranda I don’t know what to say

  5. hannah says:

    Dear Miranda,I love all your music videos and I will love for you to come and visit me. ok. I hope you call me. Sincerely, Hannah your big fan.

  6. alicia simiele says:

    I love your T.V. show, iCarly. It’s my favorite show on the entire T.V.!I really wish I could meet you,Jennette,Nathan,and Jerry.If you have the chance,please reply back to me.It would be even more cool if you could put me on your actual T.V. show.If you can’t, put my letter on your show.:x!
    P.S.I watch your show ALL the time.SEE YA!

  7. cheyenne says:

    yo what’s up iCarly can you tell Nathan to quite being so stupid plus I’m your biggest fan text back please!

  8. nathaniel rainone says:

    You are so hot I want to kiss you. you are so hot and sexy. by PS I love you

  9. nathaniel rainone says:

    hay it is Nate again please text me back. Ps I am watching your show right now love you by

  10. Tatyana Brady says:

    hi I don’t know if Friddie is hot because I want to date him

  11. Tatyana Brady says:

    hi Friddie is hot

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