Miranda Cosgrove Reads YouTube Comments

Miranda Cosgrove reads fan comments about her 'About You Now' music video on YouTube read some fan comments posted at her ‘About You Now’ video at YouTube, with the iCarly thanking fans for their compliments.

“I just wanted to say thanks to some people that left some really cool comments on the ‘About You Now’ music video on YouTube, so here are a few shout-outs,” Cosgrove said before reading several comments. “So there are a lot of cool comments on here, and I just want to say thanks to you guys for watching and I’m glad guys are enjoying it.”

Watch the video clip below.

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2 thoughts on “Miranda Cosgrove Reads YouTube Comments

  1. Drake Bell says:

    Hey Miranda I really love you I have a crush on you and I wanna kiss you

  2. Timur says:

    Miranda, I hope you read this letter, and with great understanding to react to my feelings. My name is Timur and I’m from Russia. But I’m not Russian, but in most of the Uzbeks. I am 16 years old. Maybe I admit many mistakes in the writing of this letter, but I can not speak English perfectly. At the moment I live in Russia, but two years later I arrive in Los Angeles and only for you, because I love you madly. My biography netakoy much as you Miranda, but I will tell you the main thing. I was born in Krasnodar, and in a fairly prosperous and wealthy family. I have not graduated from high school dokontsa, but when finished, will do in two departments: English and Law. I love to play sports. I already became the champion of Russia on boxing and sabirayus go to the European Championship. I’m very excited. I love to do bodebildengom. I want to go to the club acting, but it is unlikely I will have so much success as you. I have a younger brother whom I love. But now I want to talk about my feelings for you. About 5 years ago I saw a TV show iCarly and at first sight love you. You lit up my heart with light and warmth, but the thought that you were not there I’m going crazy. I can not sleep at night, eat, drink, because I keep seeing your image, who smiles and beckons me to you. I know you think that it is not possible, just because I’m on the other side of the globe, except that you’re a star. But I can not live without you and hope you will be waiting for me. I have no mind to meet, I do not want you to be married, and has not made a very big mistake in my life. I simply will not survive. I think on thee influenced this letter. I love you.

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