Miranda Cosgrove Visits Her ‘iCarly’ Hometown For The First Time

Miranda Cosgrove at the airport

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MirandaBuzz) on Tuesday, talking about her visit to Seattle, the first time the teen has visited the city her show ‘iCarly’ is supposed to take place in. Miranda writes:

At the airport, headin to Seattle! It’s my first time goin even tho that’s where we live on iCarly!
Just met a buncha new people at the airport. It’s so cool to be able to meet new people all the time cuz of my show. You guys r the best :)
Landed in Seattle! I wanna go to the famous gumwall and to the space needle!
Goodbye Seattle. You were everything I had dreamed of. On my way to Detroit!

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2 thoughts on “Miranda Cosgrove Visits Her ‘iCarly’ Hometown For The First Time

  1. Teja Jackson says:

    Hey Miranda,
    My name is Teja Jackson. I am 13 yrs old. You’re my favorite celebrity in the world. I love your webshow Icarly. I will love to talk to you on the phone but i understand you’re very very busy. And my cousin and i really want to be famous in life. So when you get this PLEASE text me back when you get a chance.
    Thanks in Advance

  2. Nathankress2k says:

    Hey Miranda, my name is Genesis or Nathan Emmanuel,am you very big fan and I love your iweb show iCarly and wanna let you know that I love you more than any of your fans out there.i will love to have your phone number to call you,just text me back. Love ya.

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