Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Greatest DJ Of All

Contributed Anonymously:

Who’s the greatest DJ of all? Well it’s Carson Daly. Whether you people like it or not, Carson is one of the best DJ’s and the coolest person to ever be in the entertainment business. Without Carson, then there wouldn’t be Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Mandy Moore, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Queen, etc. He’s the one that made all of these people big, and known throughout the world. And he’s the one to make all these artists become #1 on the billboard charts. It frustrates me that you people call him not funny, well, what the heck? He was a comedian before he was a DJ, so do your research. Carson is not only a great personality, but he’s also a very genuine nice guy. He’s more “close and personal” with his celebrity guests than any other talk show host or personality. If you remember when Christina’s ‘Stripped’ album came out, Carson dedicated a whole show about her, and it was the first time that we got close and personal with Christina’s personal growth. And the same with Britney, her live shows and her talk with Carson Daly afterwards were one of the best in entertainment history. I hope he gets to interview her more and get more close and personal about her pregnancy. And also with J.Lo, we can look back at the times when J.Lo announced her marriage to him. Did she do that to every other DJ and talk show host? No. Without Carson, we wouldn’t have known J.Lo’s marriage happiness. And the same with many other artists, name one and he has shown a close and personal view about them. And his show Last Call with Carson Daly was one of the biggest show on the network when it first came out. And today people are still watching and enjoying his special personality gifts to all audiences from all over the world. So STOP dissing him and RESPECT Carson Daly. Just because he’s not funny doesn’t mean he deserves to be dissed.

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