‘Miserable’ Britney Pens New Song Aimed At Timberlake

US Weekly reports that while juggles new romances with Janet Jackson and dancer Jenna Dewan, his longtime former girlfriend Britney Spears “is completely miserable” according to a source close to her. “She’s very upset that her parents are divorcing and that she’s not with anyone.”

Spears has let her feelings be known through song on an unreleased track titled ‘My Love Was Always There.’ Britney complains lyrically:

How could you say that you loved me?
How could you say that you cared?
I know that she may be pretty, but my love was always there
They say that time, Time always heals, But they don’t know the pain that I feel

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5 thoughts on “‘Miserable’ Britney Pens New Song Aimed At Timberlake

  1. lucky78 says:

    That unreleased track sounds exactly like Enrique’s ‘Maybe’. She changed the words around a bit… you know the next thing she’ll be crying and singing about is a lawsuit.

  2. ML11_84 says:

    The more she keeps doing this, the more complaints she’s going to get from NSYNC fans i understand that she wants to write about her ex but dissing him like that?? very sad.

  3. Fan says:

    Why do all the papers keep saying how miserable and binge eating.

    When all the pictures and fan reviews of her have her happy, and skinner that ever?

    The media wants her miserable, because that is the only thing they can write about her because she’s not whoring around like Justin.

  4. Air_Angel says:

    Well…….She tried to make us feel sorry but I didn’t felt sorry for Britney only my sister and her dumb Best Friend and her Damn ass…..

    And…..I think she made that song to make Justin feel sorry for her and go back to her Again…….*Sheesh*……*Leaving her Feelings to that Song?*

    I do not think so that Justin would feel it in his heart.

  5. AshleighPoole says:

    Those are lyrics from Enrique Iglesias’ song “Maybe” she didn’t write it, she say the lyrics on some website and figured no one would notice. She’s looking at a lawsuit

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