Misspelled Idol Reject’s 15 Minutes Must Be Up

Ousted Rickey Smith stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk about his experience on the top rated show. Perhaps in an indication of how quickly your fame declines, the monitors behind him in the TRL studio misspelled his name as ‘Ricky Smith’. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: At least you know. All right. Only one person can win ‘American Idol,’ and unfortunately for our next guest it wasn’t him. Please welcome — a big round of applause because he did so great Rickey Smith, everybody, from America Idol.

Rickey: What’s going on?

TRL: Good to have you. You did a great job.

Rickey: What’s going on, Nick?

TRL: You don’t have to worry about not winning the thing because you got — I mean, can we roll down that clip of you person forming right there. Some footage could have you last week. Were you surprised when you were eliminated because after that performance, Simon and Paula, they loved
you. Simon said you were fantastic.

Rickey: Yeah, I was a little shocked. That was one of my best performances, but, you know, it’s all good. I go in there with the mentality you’ve got a one in 12 chance and this ain’t the end for me, man.

TRL: Yeah, man, keep it moving.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Well, dude, you live with the other contestants, right?

Rickey: Yeah.

TRL: Sounds like ‘Real World’ and ‘American Idol’ rolled into one. Do you have any cool behind the scenes story for you?

Rickey: Josh used to brag about how he was as big a practical joker so he put shaving cream on our beds, but we already knew he was going to do it. So the next day we didn’t say nothing to him about it. And that night, he stayed up till like 2:00 because he knew he was going to do something. So he went to the bed, we poured coca-cola on his bed. Cory spell his name in shaving cream and he laid in it.

TRL: Nice.

TRL: And got him up on that one.

Rickey: Yeah. We got him.

TRL: That’s cool, man.

TRL: We have seven more contestants left on “American Idol.” Any predictions on who’s going to take home the big crown?

Rickey: I have to say my boy Ruben.

TRL: That’s right.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Definitely.

Rickey: What up, Ruben? I know he’s watching right now.

TRL: Best of luck to you. Thank you for coming by, hanging with us.

TRL: Ricky, thank you for coming by.

Rickey: Appreciate it.

TRL: Good luck on your career. Here’s the number two video, simple plan, “Addicted,” y’all.

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