Missy Higgins Surprised By Media Reaction To Her Bisexuality

did an interview with NewNowNext Music on Logo, where she opened up about her decision to reveal she’s bisexual, and her surprise at the reaction back home.

“I haven’t received any negativity as far as me talking about my sexuality or anything,” the Australian singer songwriter said. “If anything, I’ve found the exact opposite. Being open is the better option. It’s just a relief to not have to try to remember who knows and who doesn’t, and who I’ve told and who I haven’t told. I kind of dug myself in a bit of a hole and eventually I was just like, ‘Why haven’t I just been talking about this from the beginning?’ It’s not something I’m ashamed of. When I came out in Australia, it was like front page newspaper. Which I thought was just absolutely crazy. It surprised me so much it was right next to some other worldly devastating headline. Missy comes out as a lesbian. I was like ‘That’s not what I did!’ I didn’t come out as a lesbian, I came out as bisexual.”

Watch the clip below and check out the other videos at logoonline.com.

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