Moby Begins Final Mixing Of His Next Album

checked in with fans on his official web site’s journal at on Sunday (February 1), providing an update on his new album. The New York electronic artist tells readers:

After a year of recording and writing, today’s the day I go into the studio to begin the final mixing on my next record. If all goes well I’m hoping to finish the album by the end of February, and to release it in June.

I’ll be mixing the album with Ken Thomas, who has produced and mixed everyone from Sigur Ros to M83 to Dave Gahan to Public Image Ltd. Sonically it’s quite a bit different than the last few albums I’ve released. Overall it’s a lot quieter and more melodic and more emotional record than the last few records. If ‘last night’ was a Saturday night 1 a.m dance record then this next album is more of a ‘9 a.m Sunday morning lying in bed while it’s raining outside’ album. My one presumptuous request, which I’ll probably make a few more times, is that you take the time to listen to it at least once all the way through. I fully know that we live in an age wherein people usually listen to random tracks from an album, but I’ve worked very hard trying to craft a beautiful and cohesive body of work that will ideally make sense when listened to from start to finish.


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