Moby Blasts Overly Dramatic Cable News

railed against cable news when sharing his views on President Barack Obama’s first 18 months in office. The artist wrote on his official web site’s blog:

Someone asked me recently, ‘after 18 months, how do you feel about Obama as president?’

My answer was, and is, ‘eh, he’s ok’. He’s not a great president, but nor is he a bad president. He seems like an ok president.

The problem really is not what type of president he is, but rather that we live in an age of 24 hour news cycles and myriad news sources and they live off of drama. Saying ‘President Obama is doing an ok job’ isn’t dramatic. Saying ‘THE BP OIL SPILL!! IS THIS OBAMA’S KATRINA???’ or ‘IS OBAMA A MUSLIM SYMPATHIZER???’ is dramatic. And so the cable news networks report the news in a way that is egregiously distorted and overly dramatic. Again, saying ‘politicians in Washington are working on health care reform’ isn’t dramatic. Saying ‘IS OBAMA A SOCIALIST??? IS OBAMA GOING TO KILL SENIOR CITIZENS????’ is dramatic.

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