Moby Crosses Paths In-Flight With European Vampires

checked in with fans on his official web site journal on November 6th, talking about a bizarre complaint he got in-flight from passengers sitting next to him. The 45-year-old tells readers:

In Sao Paolo now.

On the flight down I had my window shades up (because, call me crazy, I like looking at the ocean), and the people next to me got very upset. They asked me to pull down my window shades ‘to protect against radiation’.

Now, I’m not a physicist, but how effective are thin vinyl window shades as a barrier against radiation?

Maybe they were European vampires who hated the sun. Or maybe they have some understanding of wave particle physics and restricting radiation exposure through thin pieces of vinyl of which I’m not aware.

I compromised, and pulled the shades down a bit. That way I could still look at the ocean and they were protected from radiation by tiny, thin pieces of vinyl.

Heading to hotel now. Djing with Carl Cox tomorrow. Then back to NYC Sunday.

Always tired.


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