Moby Is Good A Samaritan For A Grateful And Thirsty Dog


checked in with fans on his official web site’s blog at on Thursday (August 5), discussing four back to back odd and odder things that happened to him last night. One of Moby’s examples:

I walked by a bar and a very furry dog was tied up outside, clearly hot and thirsty. So I went into the bar and asked for some water for the dog and the bartender got angry and said, ‘Why do you care?’ to which I replied, ‘The dog is suffering, I’d like for him to suffer less.'(actual quote, perhaps a bit formal for an angry bartender in a dive bar). To which the bartender said, ‘Everyone suffers, why shouldn’t the dog suffer, too?’ But he gave me water for the dog and the dog was REALLY grateful.

Check out the other three here.

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