Moby Says Hats Off To Las Ketchup

admitted on his online journal yesterday that he’s a big fan of Las Ketchup. Moby says, “Do you know the ‘Las Ketchup’ song?
‘Las Ketchup’ are my new favorite band. Group. Whatever. For the sole reason that they are called ‘Las Ketchup’. Isn’t that the best band name that you’ve heard in years? Just saying it or writing it makes me laugh. ‘Las Ketchup’. Hahahahaha. And I love the fact that the song is a strange, Spanish, sung version of ‘Rappers Delight’. It is lovely plagiarism in the weirdest sense. The next time you hear ‘Las Ketchup’ think of the beginning of ‘Rappers Delight’. Same song.
So yes, hats off to ‘Las Ketchup’.”

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