Moby Shaken After Witnessing Aftermath Of Train Fatality

checked in with fans on his official web site’s journal at on Thursday (March 11), sharing details of his disturbing day on the train.

Warning, this update really isn’t for anyone who’s squeamish.

I’m currently on a train from Philadelphia to New York. About 5 minutes ago the conductor announced that there was a problem up ahead and we were going to be delayed a bit. No one on the train paid any notice, as small delays are common, and kept reading their newspapers or working on their laptops.

We pulled through a local station and I looked out the window and saw a lot of police cars, police tape, and police officers. I looked down and saw blood and viscera on the tracks. Then more blood. More viscera. And torn clothing. For the next 1/2 mile I saw more and more blood and pieces of torn clothing and unidentifiable viscera and body parts. Clearly someone had been very recently hit and killed by a very fast train. A lot of the viscera was being covered up by police officers, but most of it was scattered around the train tracks. So I’m looking out the window, stunned and horrified at the slow procession of someones remains, and I look around the train car and see that I’m the only one aware of what’s going on and what has happened.

Everyone else on the train was reading their papers or on their computers, blissfully unaware that we were 5 feet from the remains of someone who had been destroyed violently about 15 minutes before. We’ve left the police scene, and now the train is speeding along again, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Everyone’s still reading their papers, drinking their coffee, focused on sports scores and news and emails, with no knowledge of the horror we just slowly passed through.
A ticket collector just walked up the aisle, her face ashen and her eyes wide and shocked, so I assume she saw what we just passed through.


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