Moby Slams Bob Baier And Fox News Over “Disrespectful” Obama Interview

lashed out at Fox News after Bob Baier’s controversial interview with President Obama on Wednesday, writing on his official web site’s blog:

Yesterday President Obama sat down to do an interview for Fox News, which was odd, as Fox News is not technically a news outlet. Fox News is the mouthpiece for the reactionary and lunatic fringe of the right wing Republican party in the United States. But the journalist, Bob Baier, set a new low, even for Fox News, and was disrespectful not just to President Obama but to the office of the presidency. He interrupted countless times, in many instances refusing to let President Obama actually answer the questions being asked of him.

Fox is routinely loathsome, but this is a new and despicable low even for them.×444012

The sad and tragic thing about Fox News is that there are tens of millions of people in America who actually watch it and take it seriously even though it’s just lies and opinions masqueraded as news.


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