Moby Speaks About Britney Spears Collaboration

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was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and they got on to the subject of him working on Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’. He was quite snarky about it, and said he did it only for the money. He apparently didn’t work with her at all…just made the track himself, then sent it to her label Jive, where they wrote the lyrics and got Britney to sing over the music.

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11 thoughts on “Moby Speaks About Britney Spears Collaboration

  1. Comics says:

    That’s a shame..especially “then sent it to her label Jive, where THEY wrote the lyrics”

  2. angelM says:

    Damn so he’s embarrassed his track is on her album? See people if Britney was a great artist no one would be ashamed to work with her. Jive and Brit told lies and now the truth comes out again. They wrote the lyrics! I thought that Moby did!

  3. outrageous4u says:

    I don’t think this article is true because Moby was on Carson Daly’s most requested and he said he met with Britney several times concerning the track and she was genuine and very down to earth. Although he she did not write the lyrics on this song, Moby did write the lyrics which is another reason I don’t think this article is legit-but really, who gives a f*** because the song is off the hook!

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    OUCH! TAKE THAT YOU LYING WHORE!!!!!! Britney lied again. I bet her fans will say, “who cares? Moby is a jerk and everyone is lying so it’s ok. Go Brit! you can lie again! It doesn’t matter!” and thousands of excuses just to support Satan’s wife. Britney has no credibility or whatsoever. That’s why she’s the most unrespectable celebrity of all time. Pure manufactured skank

  5. CARPEDIEM says:

    I can’t remember if it was Carson’s show but he was on something talking about meeting with her. And he was talking about how nice she was.

  6. blondeambiti0n says:

    What exactly did Britney lie about Xtina-Dirrty??? Quit being so stupid. If anyone is lying about this track and how it came together, it’s Moby, not Britney.

  7. jimmypee says:

    LOL! even the people she “works” with (even though we now know that is a VERY loose definition) have absolutely no respect for her. that’s embarrassing. that’s gotta BURN. know what else has got to BURN for you guys? Christina Justin and Beyonce picking up 17 Grammy nominations between them. OUCH!

  8. Hotstar says:

    AND HERE IS THE TRUTH. This article is such bull and the bastard who wrote it didn’t have the nerve to write their name because they know it is a lie. Why would Moby say something like when he said this to an Australian magazine two weeks ago. Interviewer: I’d imagine working with Britney will piss off a lot of the indie mafia. Moby: I hope so. I love the idea of working with different people, especially if they’re young and incredibly attractive. Interviewer: What was she like? Moby: She was self-effacing and humble and funny. Considering the success she’s had, I found her to be down to earth. Interviewer: Was she a Moby fan? Moby: She said she was, but I didn’t give her a quiz – “What’s track seven on Everything is Wrong?” AND THE BIGGEST SIGN THIS IS BULL, Moby has given several interview where he talked about meeting Britney, so much for him just sending the track in….LIAR!

  9. SmilingMonkey says:

    meeting her is totally different than WORKING with her. He could’ve met her and then sent the track. You dumb bimbo.

  10. boobera says:

    FIRST of all you morons this wasn’t an article, THIS was on Television on ABC Jimmy Kimmel show. Britney has to respect in the music industry and this is just another example of it.

  11. goodnight says:

    I don’t believe it either because anyone who is a fan of Moby’s (which I am) would know it’s against his principles to badmouth people needlessly. And I can’t imagine Moby ever saying he did anything “for the money”.

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