Moby Weighs In On Forum Member Being Sued By RIAA

wrote on his official website earlier today:

So apparently the RIAA are suing one of our very own .com board members, liquidlevel, for file-sharing. Personally I just can’t see any good in coming from punishing people for being music fans and making the effort to hear new music. I’m almost tempted to go onto KaZaA and download some of my own music, just to see if the RIAA would sue me for having MP3’s of my own songs on my hard-drive.

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2 thoughts on “Moby Weighs In On Forum Member Being Sued By RIAA

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I wonder what RIAA would do if he did that!! That is a pretty well organized thought, and I give him mad props for it!

  2. popnicklover says:

    Moby’s an awesome dude! I totally agree with him–I think that really would be hilarious if he got sued for downloading his own songs!

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