Mock Interview: Jennifer Lopez Vs. Paris Hilton

MuchMusic’s ‘MuchOnDemand’ ran out of dressing rooms and had to put Jennifer Lopez and together… in the same room. Luckily, they had a camera in there too. Watch what happened via YouTube below.

Jailhouse Stars

May 19, 2007 – isn’t the only celebrity who’s been sentenced to the slammer. Criminal justice reporter Jane Valez-Mitchell visited Fox News Channel on Saturday (May 19) to discuss the high tech age of high tech celebrity outings of bad behavior before a publicist can kill a story. Video at has since been removed.

Paris Hilton’s Jail Sentence Cut In Half

May 19, 2007 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “As you may have heard, Paris Hilton’s jail sentence has been cut in half. See, in Los Angeles, this is known as ‘lipo-sentencing’. … See, originally she got 45 days and now she was cut to 23 days. Well that just goes to show you, in Los Angeles, our judges stand by their decisions, unless it’s a hot, blonde celebrity, then okay.”

Plans To Pen Jail Diary

May 19, 2007 – The Sun reports Paris plans to write a prison diary, hoping it will make her millions. “There will be details of clashes with prisoners and disgusting meals,” a source said. “She thinks this will show she is paying her debt to society.”

Animal-Rights Extremist Threatens Jennifer Lopez?

May 10, 2007 – A friend of Jennifer tells The New York Daily News the diva is beefing up her security because of an animal-rights extremist who has been sending letters threatening “to kill her in public, just like the slaughtered animals whose fur she wears.” But Lopez’s spokeswoman shot the story down as “untrue.” Read more.

Us TV Talks With Jennifer Lopez

April 28, 2007 – Jennifer spoke with Us Weekly after being named the mag’s Style Icon of the Year. “It was unexpected,” she admitted at Sugar in Hollywood on Thursday (April 26). “It took me two hours to get ready, like every other girl.” has since removed the video.

Sanjaya Says Jennifer Lopez ‘Really Cared’

April 21, 2007 – After getting the boot from ‘American Idol’, Sanjaya was singing praising last week’s guest mentor Jennifer. “She really cared, she really wanted to help us,” the 17-year-old told ‘Extra’ correspondent Terri Seymour. As for J.Lo’s husband Marc Anthony’s admission that he wants to adopt Sanjaya, the ‘Idol’ wannabe couldn’t find words for the offer. “I don’t know… I was like, ‘Sure’. I mean, I’ve never been offered to be adopted,” he said. Read more and watch footage here.

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