Molly Jenson Webisode Outside The Hotel Cafe

Molly Jenson outside the Hotel CafeAn all new webisode features the singer songwriter conducting interviews and shenanigans outside of The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood before her recent show. Jenson was joined by Dan Portnoy of The Drop to talk about his website as well as Barak Hardley to reenact scenes from Molly’s new video.

On tours that people can have in their house featuring Molly this fall, the artist said, “That’s right Danny. I’m working on these house concert tours. I’m gonna be out in a couple of weeks. I’m going up the coast and playing in some people’s houses, and in August I’m going to play in Reno for a benefit concert and hopefully book a couple shows around that, so people, if you want me to play in your house in August, I’d love to.”

Watch via YouTube below.

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