Molly McQueen’s ‘No Sleep Tonight’

, formerly Molly Lorenne of The Faders (real name Molly Ure), is out with her debut solo single ‘No Sleep Tonight’, which was also a release last year by The Faders. As Molly explained on her MySpace page, “The new Uma Thurman movie ‘My Super Ex Girlfriend’ decided they wanted to use ‘No Sleep Tonight’, which was a single for The Faders, in their movie. As we had split up by then + all doing other things, we all decided that it would be cool for me to do it as a solo artist. So… here I am! I am writing + recording my album material as I speak. I hope that you will all enjoy it and that all The Faders fans will support me and Toy and Cherisse in the future.” Listen to the track at her official web site,

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