Mom Fights Back After Prince Has Dancing Baby Video Removed

ABC News profiled the 29-second video of 18-month old Holden Lenz dancing to Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ in a posting at YouTube, which led the litigious artist to apparently track down the clip and post a copyright claim, prompting the site to remove the clip that had only been viewed by 28 people. Holden’s mother Stephanie Lenz filed a “counter-notice” with YouTube, and the Google owned company her video back up about six weeks later. Now Lenz, along with Electronic Frontier Foundation, are suing Universal Music Group over the incident. A well-placed source directly involved in the situation confirmed to ABC News that was directly involved in seeking the takedown of Lenz’s video. “This guy scours the Internet,” the source revealed. “He’s really intense about this stuff.” The insider added that Lenz’s video “happened to be one of many” that artist apparently located online and demanded be taken down. Read more.

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