Mom’s $4 Million Plea To Aaron Carter

In a bombshell letter that Aaron Carter’s mother Jane asked the National Enquirer to print, Jane warned the young singer that his $4 million trust fund could be lost almost as soon as he gains control of it when he turns 18 in December. “Dearest Son,” she writes, “I have always been truthful with you and will continue to be so. Aaron, I know the private jet rides can be thrilling. What is not a thrill is the day you get the bill for them all when you turn 18! Everything that has been spent on your behalf until now will come out of your future earnings – if you’re not careful.”

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4 thoughts on “Mom’s $4 Million Plea To Aaron Carter

  1. ihatehilary says:

    he’s younger than hilary?? wtf is with Joel then?

  2. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    goddamn this woman!!..actually, I feel sad for her. this is the only way she can get in contact with her children. still, nice letting the world know every single bit of your business. that’s gonna make them crawl back to you with open arms…. this fricken woman!

  3. melikkab says:

    She’s basically letting him know that she has already spent his money.

  4. embo says:

    yep! I’m sure she found the private jet rides thrilling. ESPECIALLY when I poor son got the bill. I love aaron, and although he does really, really, really stupid things sometimes (or al the time) he does not deserve this! so give the poor kid a break. hes still recovering from that time some chick threw a used tampon at him

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