Money Problems For Britney Spears?

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “It’s been reported that is thinking about recording a new album because she and husband Kevin Federline are spending too much money. Yeah. Which raises the question, how much do beef jerky and Cheetos cost?”

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10 thoughts on “Money Problems For Britney Spears?

  1. Clara106 says:

    lol, i was thinking the exact same thing. although, its been reported that Britney spend way too much on house renovations, i still wonder where all those millions could have gone. she dresses like a hobo, and acts like trash.

  2. galleta says:

    Hoe-ney’s not running out of money. There is no way momma spears is gonna let Kevy spend all Brits money.

  3. AFStud501 says:

    It’s sad that she doesn’t want to make an album, simply because she feels the album will mean something to her, or because she is truly ready to give her fans music. You know, all the reasons, a true musician puts out music… Instead, she’d rather rush release a bunch of crap, because she knows her fans will eat it all up! She could give two cents about her stupid fans, she just wants your pathetic money.

  4. yelenerz says:

    There’s nothing wrong with that. We live in a materialistic society. Money is all that matters.

  5. FashionPrincess says:

    This is complete bull, she has over 100 million dollars and a prenup also there are no sources to this and it came from The New York Post, they are known for their lies, anyways even if she was running out of money (she’s not) she could just sale most of her stuff to make money…but this is lies anyways.

  6. Britney_rocks says:

    The girl can live off her interest alone. She has sold over 110 million records. 70 million being her 5 albums, and 40+ million being her 20 singles. She just made $12 million alone from Curious’s sales. She made over $5 in magazine deals she’s hardly bankrupt she has over $130 million in her account.

  7. fandango says:

    so what?’, ‘- The girl is stupid( that should be enough reason) -She no longer has her management team to puppet her into the millions. -Her popularity/number of fans have plummeted. -Her body/face/image are NOT what they used to be. – She married Kevin – who is going to sink her financial boat. -Michael Jackson had far more, and he is in dire straits financially….he’s also a better entertainer, more talented, and smarter. Think about lottery winners – the ones that win over 100 million are the FIRST ones to be in debt 5 years later. Money now doesn’t equal money in the long term. You have to be SMART to maintain money – Britney has proven that she is a complete idiot. She isn’t bankrupt at all right now – give it time.

  8. Britney_rocks says:

    Britney and Michael are two different people but have been compared together as two of the greatest entertainers to live. Now he has had money problems granted, but he also has the beatles catalogue, and his own which equal over $1 billion. Everytime one of Britney’s songs play on the radio that she has written examples Mona Lisa, Someday, Everytime, MATM she gets paid. Her music is still selling, and so is her merchandise like hot cakes. She can live off her interest alone. She’s not a big spender. You people will believe anything that’s negative about Britney, but you will disguard anything negative said about slutina.

  9. Clara106 says:

    i know i already posted here but, i had to say something to the delusional people who think that Britney has over $100 Million. first of all, it is true that Britney has sold many albums worldwide and that definitely got alot of cash in the bank for her but, thats what she has earned over a 7 year career. unless, she kept herself from spending any of what she earned, most fo the money should be gone by now. also, she has alot of people she needs to pay such as, her record company, manager, agent and a slew of hired help like maids, chauffers, makeup artists, and hairstylists. she also needs a place to live, she has bought at least 4 different houses that i’ve heard of and those places do need to be furnished, don’t they? also, even though what she has may seem like alot to us, Britney has been so spoiled and naive about her riches for so long that she probably doesn’t realize quite what to do with it. lets also not forget the engagement ring, and wedding she bought for herself. its incredibly dumb and ridiculous to think that Britney has $100 Million or even anything close to that left. the idea that she is having money troubles is very believable. lots of washed up celebrities can run out of millions within just a few months, or if they’re lucky, a few years. im not saying that Britney is washed up (yet) but, she is definitely getting there, and fast.

  10. shunny says:

    i highly doubt this and i’m not even a have to give her and her team some kind of credit because when we were playing with dolls at 9 and 10 she was working.there is absolutely no way her and the record label have cultivated a success that rivals some that has been in the business for years and not have any business sense.especially since according to you guys she doesnt have ANY talent.that means she has fooled millions of people.think about it .when she stops making money, they stop making money. they are not going to let that happen.the girl is a young millionaire a house hold name.she has dolls,endorsements, propertyand shes not even 25.the girl is paid.stop hatin.

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