More Angry Mariah Carey Fan E-Mails For Talk Show Host

Dori Monson of again talked about the e-mails he’s been receiving from angry fans from all around the globe, including a nasty one from a guy in Australia who said the reason why he was on radio was because he was too ugly for television. Despite critical calls about the e-mailer, Dori said he admired the passion for Mariah exhibited by the fan. Dori read Mariah Carey haiku and limericks from listeners and told a caller that while he realizes Mariah has been through a lot lately, she looked awful on the Letterman show earlier this week. Monson also credited the ‘Caller of the Week’ award to an unintelligible caller (ie. similar sounding to Boomhauer from ‘King of The Hill’) from a call ealier in the week that blasted Mariah and her looks. Dori also gave a few plugs for this website, doubling traffic for the hour.

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