More ”Details” On Mariah Carey’s New Album

I was surfing the messageboards at and stumbled upon the following statement:

“I work at MonarC Music. I cannot give my name coz I could lose my job, but I got some gossip. Mariah’s new album is drafted to be called ‘The Other Side…’. It is like nothing she has done before. Vocally, it’s is much stronger than ‘Charmbracelet’. It has alot of R’n’B songs but a good amount of ballards. The album is in many ways is more personal than ‘Charmbracelet’. The track ‘On The Other Side…’ is an interlude, but is such a sad song. I don’t wanna say to much but it is about how MC felt during the breakdown. The track ‘Stay The Night’ is so hot! Thats all I can say for now. I’ll try and keep you informed. I don’t wanna spoil it for you guys! Trust me, this album should put MC back on top!”

Since this isn’t official, the most sensible of Mariah’s fans should take this bit of “news” at face value, which is, ironically, exactly what the poster instructs the fans to do by referring to it as “gossip”.

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