More Fake Gossip From Jeannette Walls?

Just days after being duped by a report suggesting Paris Hilton had posted a MySpace update defending only to have the heiress’ rep Elliott Mintz deny it, Jeannette Walls of appears to have been duped on two stories in her column Monday. One suggested Paris hadn’t had sex in “about six or seven months” and that she “would rather just make out and kiss someone instead of sex”, while the other said Stella McCartney gave her friend Madonna an earful for wearing a chinchilla coat. Walls, on the MSNBC payroll even though she rarely reports original gossip, credited The Mirror in both stories, though a search of the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Mirror’s web site indicate neither stories exist online. Check out both items at

Paris Hilton Introduced To JR Rotem

December 17, 2006 – A close pal of Paris tells The Chicago Sun-Times that Britney didn’t meet her new rumored boyfriend J.R. Rotem through her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, but thanks to the heiress. “Britney and J.R. are dating,” the tipster said. “Though he did do some work for Kevin, Britney never really met him then. It was Paris who introduced them.”

Fake Paris Defending Britney ‘Blog’ Making The Rounds

December 12, 2006 – Jeannette Walls of fell for the phoney message Paris Hilton supposedly left on her MySpace page in defense of her new best friend and the singer’s mothering skills. Check out the Walls story at and read the entire fabricated message, which isn’t posted at her MySpace page or her official web sites, but appears to have been created by a Britney fan for damage control, at

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2 thoughts on “More Fake Gossip From Jeannette Walls?

  1. hooker says:

    what fake? they’re both so fake, just for camera, you know. eww, I’m sick and tired about these dumb blondes. Paris will always be the video porn star, yikes

  2. manwithaplan94 says:

    I Wonder Who Is More Pathetic? 1. Some obsessed Britney fan who goes as far as to fake their identity and actually pose as Paris Hilton online to defend Britney Spears. (Or) 2.Obsessed Mariah fans who think they have to praise Mariah and constantly put down Madonna. (Or) 3. Jeannette Walls of with all of her journalism training reported a story with no credible sources.

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