More Hot Girl-On-Girl Action From Britney At Surprise Show

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that during Britney Spears’ surprise four-song performance at the Palms nightclub at 1 a.m. on Sunday, the pop sta crawled onto a black-and-white chaise lounge with her female dancers and engaged in some lesbian antics. Later, Spears had her white top pulled off by one of the girls, leaving her in a skimpy red star-spangled sequin bra. Britney flirted with kissing her female dancers on multiple occasions in front of the 1,500 revelers, most of whom were stunned when the pop tart appeared on stage. Amongst those enjoying the show, Julius Erving and Michael Keaton in the owners’ VIP skybox with N9NE co-owner Scott DeGraff, members of Journey, Tara Reid and Paris Hilton. More details at have since been removed.

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11 thoughts on “More Hot Girl-On-Girl Action From Britney At Surprise Show

  1. nsyncgurl11388 says:

    she is just trying to sex up a new image to sell records. she knows she is not much without the whole Justin thing and that has played off

  2. Britneyforever says:

    puhhhlease wherever Britney goes the paparazzi and everyone follow.she doesn’t have to do anything to get anyone’s attention.she can go shopping and have 100 people follow her 10 photographers taking pics and about 500 people on popdirt read the article and what not.

  3. rachel says:

    muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha, a lot of artist have been there, done that, Britney. It only makes you look like a disgusting little trump who is capitalizing on people’s sexual orientation in order to sell records. This all goes for Xtina, Madonna anything, if you aren’t a lesbian why pretend to be one. Very disrespectful. I mean if they are indeed Bi then that is their problem.

  4. HoneyRain says:

    even though I would love to piss off some Britney fans right now >:) .. I must say that I’m not really believing this right now.. because I wouldn’t believe it if it were about Christina. when young girls suddenly begin expressing their sexuality.. the media goes even more crazy than usual and starts making up all kinds of bogus stories to make artists seem worse than they really are.. it sucks but it’s a part of the biz… I still think Britney is trying to boost her sales along with her “maturity”.. I suppose Christina was trying to do the same but her sales dropped tremendously.. I Britney’s probably will too

  5. BRITNEYGIRLS90650 says:

    God, you’re everywhere hating aren’t you? I wish you could see how lame you look , you just want to be her. your not even good enough to be a fan. you suck. and are very jealous, stop wasting your time go be a fan of Avril or Kelly Osbourne because they suck too. Britney’s the bomb!

  6. musikluver says:

    wow.. you people amaze me with some of the stupid comments you make… ‘ can you not distinguish between real life or performance/entertainment… ? ok.. so she did a four-song performance.. they gave a visual of one scene in her whole performance.. which probably didn’t last that long.. just like the infamous kiss with Madonna. SO WHAT!! Christina fans… she came out with the video Dirtty.. and she was DIRTY!.. but it was good…she came out with beautiful.. totally different video… and again with her other videos…. Britney is doing the same thing.. Whatever the song is about is what character she will play… for all you little kids that watch Friends or Soap Operas , movies? do you really think that is for real. NO! its an act.. that’s what they get paid to do.. Britney did something right because all you people that can’t stand her ,, are all up in her business… I don’t like J-lo.. I don’t get upset with what she does.. I can care less… I choose to just not listen to whats being said about her…. what do you want Britney to do.. just stand up there on stage and be totally still and not move… ? If you guys love Christina or other artists, then why are you not on their site promoting and supporting them.. no.. you choose to post you lame , repeated immature comments … which make no sense! and getting really old… its okay if you have an opinion.. and by all means express it!… but, be real about it, and quit being so bitter…. I’m glad Britney is doing what she is doing.. She is totally changing once again, and growing up.. she said she was going to push it a further this time.. and that’s exactly what she is doing… ! Britney… you have my total support!!! and before you Christina freaks go crazy.. Christina has blown it away too.. and I still listen to her album almost daily…. I enjoy her just as much.

    and rachel….. by your comment that just proved what I was trying to say. why don’t you go read a book and learn another word besides slut!… that seems to be the only word you can come up with in describing anything you post a comment about.. or, it could be .. that’s what you are, so that’s all you know… bedtime!!! go get mommy to read your story now..!

  7. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    First it was sperm cells, she couldn’t resist them back then and now… she’s into egg cells? Tell me Britney what’s so good about cells?

  8. rachel says:

    musicluver your teenbopper twelve years old ass shouldn’t be saying anything @ all considering you are a fan of the tramp. How embarrassing, she a slut and you know it. I only use the word slut often to be politically correct because what she really is, if I type it musicman might ban me from here. That disgusting vile creature is so classless, there isn’t a nice word to describe her.

  9. musikluver says:

    again RACHEL,,,, if she is such a disgusting vile creature …. then why are you here reading up on what she is doing……. ? there’s been worse said on here than slut… I hardly think you will be banned… so.. feel free to express your opinion in a way that people can understand where you’re coming from… instead of slut…… that’s already said about a million times a day from you same people over and over and over again… jealous are you?

  10. louee says:

    Go Britney! She’s getting hotter and hotter. She’s a marketing genius. Everyone’s getting worked up about her new CD and her first single isn’t even out yet. I cannot wait to see the performance. Brit never fails to surprise, impress and entertain me. Happy to hear bout all the celebs that were there, and it wasn’t a huge crowd which means the performance was probably more intimate. I hope she sung live because her live singing sounds so much better than her pre-recorded stuff. If she sounded like she did on the VMAs I’ll be pleased. I’m telling ya’, this girl is gonna have me sleeping in front of the record store the night before her album drops!

  11. crunkchig says:

    Britney haters, Christina haters… all of you. You are all a bunch of idiots! lol you guys sit here and argue with each other about two performers who probably could give a crap what people are saying about them on I support my girl Britney all the way, but I’m not about to sit here wasting my time bashing Christina. no, I’m not a big fan, but why go through all the trouble to bash someone you don’t like? it’s a maturity thing I think. oh well.

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