More On Jennifer Lopez Being Labeled A Serial Cheater

Flo Anthony of Gossip to Go told the K104 DJ’s more about the revelations made by Cris Judd’s dad, who labeled his son’s ex-wife a “serial cheater.” Flo also talked about Tweet, plus Bobby Brown writing for longtime wife Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson trying to get Michael Jackson on the Virgin Records label. Audio has since been removed.

Ben Affleck To Propose To J.Lo Soon?

September 23, 2002 – The Boston Herald’s Inside Track reports “somebody who knows somebody who knows Ben Affleck’s mom says the Hollywood hot shot has told the family he’s planning to propose to his galpal, Jennifer Lopez.”

Marriage Talks Come Up Between Ben And Jen

September 23, 2002 – The New York Post reports that while those close to Jennifer Lopez are denying she’s pregnant, she is thinking about marrying current boyfriend Ben Affleck. “She and Ben [Affleck] have been getting very close and marriage talks have come up,” said a source. “There was some talk of December for a wedding but that has now changed and it’s pushed back a bit.”

7 Aurelius Says J.Lo And Her Ass Easiest To Work For

September 22, 2002 – Hit making producer 7 Aurelius spoke with Rolling Stone about working with Jennifer Lopez, who he was “was the easiest to work with” of the many artists he’s helped create hits for. “She had sweats on and – I’m talkin’ real here – J.Lo’s ass is phenomenal. It goes out and then it has, like, a balcony in the middle. Distracting as hell.”

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2 thoughts on “More On Jennifer Lopez Being Labeled A Serial Cheater

  1. kiki says:

    Jennifer Lopez is a slut. I really hate her now. I hope she loses her ability to sing, cause she can’t sing properly. And also I think she is not going to be with Ben Affleck not very soon. In the next year, they will be married and then divorce the next three days.


    She is not going anywhere in the music biz and if her album is coming out pleaz fans of J.Lo do not, I repeat do not support her album. She going against black people coming to say that her music is not black origin.



    Damn right she’s a slut!

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