More On Jennifer Lopez ‘Not Of Black Origin’ Controversy

More details on the refusal to allow any of her songs to be included on the Music of Black Origin Awards annual compilation album, ‘MOBO 2002.’ A source at MOBO said of J.Lo’s claim that her music is Latin and ”not of black origin”, “Who does she think she’s kidding? … Besides, she just accepted the hip-hop award at the MTV Video Music Awards!” A spokesman for Lopez says her record label is responsible for negotiating things like the compilation album and those kinds of negotiations ”often can be quite complicated and difficult to finalize.”

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22 thoughts on “More On Jennifer Lopez ‘Not Of Black Origin’ Controversy

  1. LeMaur Baez says:

    SMFH@J-Lo… she lost her mind? Like she don’t do hip hop, the epitome of modern music of Black origin in America. Like salsa and every other form of Puerto Rican music ain’t derived DIRECTLY from west Africa. This lil J-Lo episode reminds me of Dominicans, so clearly mixed-race Blacks that deny any kind of African origin, claiming to be “Latin” or “Spanish”… please.

    For the record, I’m Dominican and Proud to be Black.

  2. Nowayjose says:

    what about that song with a lyrics saying “fooled by the rocks that I got…I’m still Jenny from the block”…Latin only my a*s! & who gives a crap about her old as* anyways.

  3. MV123 says:

    Lamaur that’s good that your proud to be black, but that doesn’t mean every Dominican is black. There are white, black, and mixed Dominicans. It’s funny how you say please when they claim to be Latin or Spanish because they are. All Hispanics (Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, etc.) have Spanish White blood in them. Only because your dark skin and mostly African doesn’t mean everyone is.

    For the record, I am Dominican but I look white (Straight hair, really pale)

  4. Chrissy says:

    Hispanic only means Spanish speaking therefore a person could be of any race black, white, or Asian. usually the Hispanics in the Caribbean and south America are black, white, or native American. therefore the people have many different looks. skin color would not always identify the race, facial features would. this just proves more reason the term Hispanic and Latino are only describing ethnicity and shouldn’t be the only word choices to describe a person. just because J.Lo is Puerto Rican doesn’t mean she can’t be white however she wants to use black music in order to gain popularity then say she has no black or African origin because sadly like many people of African descent regardless of the current country they live in hate to be black .

  5. Santiago says:

    I am Dominican that grew up in NYC, but I have been living between Treviso Italy & Madrid Spain for 15 years. My father is from Santiago & my mother is from Samana, so both of my parents are DOMINCAN. My Dad is Mulatto and mom is a brown skinned Black Dominican woman. Although in DR my dad is mixed, in the USA he would be a light skinned Black man. I understand there are European descent Dominicans, but my problem is that there are a great number of Domincans that are undeniably African descent, but seems to deny their Blackness. Sad! In Madrid, Dominicans live in a neighborhood called Cuatro Camino, the Spaniards recognize the people there as Blacks. In Spain & Italy most Dominicans are look at as Latin, but Black. “Que Linda esa Dominicanita Negrita” Anyway, I’m not saying deny your European ancestry, I’m just sayin’, stop hatin’ on your African blood, features and characteristics. If you are Dominican and you don’t have the African features and characteristic, understand somewhere the African blood runs through your veins. Trujillo has destroy the mind of so many of my people.

  6. Mike says:

    J.Lo is black and obviously has African blood as 80% of the Puerto Rican populous (including those in America). As a Mexican American I am offended that we are considered the same race as all Hispanics/Latinos (Mexico does not have an African lineage as for Ex. Brazil, Puerto Rico, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Dominican Republic). Brazil speaks Portuguese all others have a Spanish language, yet Brazil imported African slaves along w/ all others–the exception being Mexico. No offense to Africans, it’s already difficult being of Mexican blood–best left to others to have to worry about mixing their races with what world wide is considered a problem race.

  7. the truth says:

    @Mike Your history is very wrong! Many Blacks or Africans were also brought to Mexico. Many Mexicans blackness is diluted but it is still there! Hence, the term Brown pride!

  8. Mestizo says:

    No. To the person saying – Mexicans have blacks hence the term brown pride. No. Their ancestors were slaves and they are looked upon as a second class citizen. La Raza is brown pride, the descendants of the Olmec, Zapotec, Mayan and Aztec.

    To the person saying salsa, merengue etc. are all the work of West Africa. No. Salsa, merengue, cumbia etc. have African influences – yet aside from only SOME of the percussion instruments – it is Native Latin American and Spanish-European inspired. The African influence goes as far as influencing the rhythmic composition of the music. The classical instruments and their use, the Spanish language in song etc. is the cultural fusion of European and Native Latin Americans. If you are black – regardless of where you are and your genetic mix, you are perceived as black. That is why the terms Hispanic/Latino are ridiculous.

    Jennifer Lopez is a Mestiza and she knows it. Fu**s sake lol black people always trying to take everyone’s culture/history and then they turn around and say everyone took theirs – NEWSFLASH – your culture in Africa is still there – the primitive tribal clicking languages with no written form etc., the primitive customs of performing oral sex on cows so the cow can urinate – making a nice shower for the Dinka Tribes, the spread of AIDS through contact with chimpanzees :/ and the highest rates of sexual violence in the world.

  9. cosgal says:

    @mestizo I’m from south africa and what u saying about our continent is very hurtful and u r such an ignorant and a careless person, firstly a white man slept with a chimpanzee to contact AIDS , AIDS is basically affecting the whole world and yes it is dominant here but der is no need of rubbing it in, and mind u, u cn also contact it, only 1 round of unsafe sex, or a car accident, or any cause of it dan it will b no laugh. As for da clicks we also find spanish and whatsoever language u speak der funny and ridiculous , and go do yo research thoroughly on written forms of south african languages and our cultures!!

  10. look it up says:

    To Mestizo,

    go look up the history of mexico.You’ll find that every color was there,including africans(in very large numbers).The second underground railroad went to mexico, louisana creoles were there,black seminole indians made their home there,their descendants live in ( coahuila).Vera cruz was the main port for african slaves.look up yanga,you guys know nothing about your own home.look up the los pobladores of los angeles,see what their backgrounds were,and where they came from.

  11. MariGarcia says:

    Mike you are right on the African ancestry of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and other Latinos but you are wrong about your own. Mexicans certainly do have African Ancestry. In fact your 2nd president Vincente Guerrero was of African descent. He was the result of Spaniard, african slave and Indigino. That is why the first thing he did was outlaw slavery in Mexico. The penalty of ignoring the law was death. Have you never been to Vera Cruz or Oaxaca or anywher in La Costa Chica?

  12. MariGarcia says:

    I made a few spelling errors in my first post but you certainly get the point. Anyway, I’m not talking about JLo looking Mexicans. I’m talking about dark skinned, Kinky haired Mexicans that look just like any AA. They are clearly not Indio though Indios can be very dark too but the hair texture is straight. There are more than 2million Black Mexicans so I don’t know why some people get on post and act like they have never seen a black person until they crossed the border.

  13. MariGarcia says:

    And yes I know JLo isn’t Mexican. It was an example of what people think a Hispanic/Latino should look like. JLO, Ms. Ximena Navarrete (current Ms. Universe) and many more.

  14. Sally says:

    Certainly, Jennifer Lopez has changed her looks to look more, white? Her features were more African American when she starred in the movie, “Anaconda.” The changes were very noticeable especially when she appeared as a judge on American Idol. Her skin tone is lighter, her hair is straighter and lighter, and her nose is narrow. In “Anaconda,” you can see the kinkiness along her hair line.

  15. Willy Stafford says:

    Jennifer is a beautiful woman no matter what races are mixed in her blood,but I have always said & believed she has quite a bit of African in her. African American’s have some very beautiful women,just as all races have some pretty women.

  16. awa konate says:


    sorry but i fell sorry for you, and it’s undeniably sad that you’re so stupid.

    1. Aids was a disease created in america among the gay community, ask any scientist they’ll tell you that.

    2. Language originated in Africa, and any language always has a written version.

    3. Tribes are found anywhere in this world even in your own country ;-)

    4. Sound to me that you are way to much of a retard to learn by yourself, sorry but sitting your fat ass on your couch and watching tv won’t bring you any knowledge.

    5. Sexual crime rate is in theUSA, look up at the new statistics from WHO.

    I can’t stop laughing at your mentality that very clearly is influenced by colonial attitude.

  17. sanya says:

    yeah whatever, I’m 100% black and was born and bred in Africa, its not like my veins are full of poison flowing and if j.lo is disgusted with her blood and roots then she sucks

  18. Rosalinda Johson says:

    why is our entertainment industry always trying to make black people look white? I remember Whitney Houston and some of her early videos and she had blonde curly hair and was light and later on she was black on most of her videos. The same thing with Beyonce and Mariah Carey. I think their managers and music producers want them to hide their African roots. Who cares? Be proud of who you are! I’m from Texas and I’m olive complexion and can trace our family tree back 6 generations and we are a mixture of French, German, Spanish, American Indian, Irish and I’m always most proud of being American Indian, and tell everybody so! Love my color and even like to tan even darker and use bronzer.

  19. Reina says:

    It was more Africans in Mexico than Spaniards at one time. Many Mexicans have African ancestry. The second president of Mexico was a African and Indian man. Those Olmec Statues look very African. Which might indicate Africans came to Mexico before Native Americans. Salsa came from African music. Most Hispanics have some degree of African blood. It’s rather some of yall are deluded enough to keep denying it. When have you seen any “pure” Spanish or Native American women with a big butt commonly? Thank you black ancestors for that.

  20. destinycampbell says:

    Much of Latin music owes its origins to BOTH Spanish and African cultures so I don’t know how JLO said her music is not of black origin, especially when she dabbles with R&B and hip hop as well.

  21. Jose says:

    Mike where did you get information that JLO is Black? WTF? First of all, do you know her? Are you aware that her mother is of Spanish Canary Islands descent? And perhaps she may have a little bit of black in her..who cares! Where are you getting this 80 percent PR are Black? Are you not aware that there is a big huge modern day group of PR’s that are of spanish andalucian and spanish canario descent. I think you should do your history before you type something out. Thanks.

  22. ALH says:

    A whole lot of ignorance here. Who TF cares what J-LO is? People always feel the need to boost themselves and put others down with their Archie Bunker facts and perceptions. It’s a dumb argument because you wouldn’t even have a JLO if it wasn’t for the horrid conditions of poverty/racism that major cities like NYC (specifically the Bronx in Jenny’s case) are pervasive. It’s always revealing how when some people reach stardom and make it out of the gutter and a life of poverty that they want to be accepted as non-black without giving credit to who they got their music, fashion, cultural identity and whole Swag from. Go figure. This is why some are called “Culture Vultures” because they would rather suck all of the talent and culture and lifestyle out of the African American/Black community to make it out of poverty but then quickly forget they are considered the “N” word by the Oppressor and painted by the same bigoted brush as Blacks are which is how they (in this case Jenifer Lopez, and other Hispanics that are victimized by systematic racism and discrimination without distinction from Blacks.) Get outta her with the BS divisiveness that only keeps us all down in the long run and helps the racists propel their twisted agenda to destroy and subjugate all non-whites.

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