More On Shakira Sweatshop Controversy

NBC4 in New York has a video report on the recent controversy that has found herself in following news that Delia’s, a teen fashion label that uses Shakira to promote its sales, has had clothes made from a Brooklyn sweatshop that is refusing to pay wages owed to dozens of Hispanic immigrants. The report says that Shakira was unaware of any such practices and that she received no money by the chain for her endorsements.

Heartbreak For Aussie Fans

April 30, 2002 – Fans hoping to see at the Virgin Megastore in Melbourne, Australia were heartbroken after being told they had to purchase her CD before being allowed entry. Kelly Dean and her family had made a long journey to the event and burst into tears when she told her two daughters Madison, 10, and Emily, 5 that they couldn’t see their favorite singer. “My kids are shattered and I’m really angry,” she said. “There was nothing on any sign or any advertisement that said you had to buy a CD to see her.”

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