More Skepticism About Mariah Carey’s Numbers

Contributed by MariahBasher:

As we are all aware of the recent allegations that Mariah’s label was guilty of purposeful manipulation of the airplay measurement system. Well it seems that cheating, or at least artificially inflating certain numbers, is not confined to just Mariah’s label.

I have conducted some recent research and discovered that Mariah’s fans have taken the hint and have fully endorsed similarly ugly and unethical tactics.

Over the last week or so I have documented many cases where Mariah’s fans are using various methods to cheat, scam, and manipulate different measurement systems which are used to gauge a performers status in the industry. These examples provide clear proof that Mariah’s fans sense that she is not doing well in her comeback attempt and they feel they must utilize nefarious methods in a vain effort to create the illusion that Mariah is really doing well.

Mariah’s fans are very desperate (and apparently as is Mariah as you will see) to get Mariah’s video for Boy on TRL. So desperate in fact that they are distributing instructions on how to cheat the online system. Many of her fans, as you will see, are admitting to using different methods to register more votes than the system would normally allow.

What is perhaps worse than this however is that I have obtained information that illustrates that many of her fans admit to only voting for her so they can get prizes! Yes you read that right, I have documented where the Mariah Team is offering up prizes and gifts in exchange for votes on TRL! Not only does that present itself as extremely desperate, there is an entirely different and far uglier angle to it. Many of her fans are beginning to feel that they have been victim to an elaborate manipulation where they are being used. It is a really ugly situation and you will likely be as appalled as I was when you read the things that they are saying.

I have also uncovered numerous instances where Mariah’s fans are distributing radio request numbers and encouraging fans from outside of the calling areas, sometimes even out of the country, to place calls requesting her songs. This is pure desperation. One fan is even supplying answers in Spanish for her fans to use to answer questions at a Spanish station he is begging them to call. Even her fans seem to acknowledge that in the past this type of manipulation has created a serious radio backlash against Mariah, yet they seem determined to continue to make radio dislike Mariah. It would not be surprising at all to see this latest round of manipulation result in an official radio boycott of Mariah.

Finally I have obtained some very troubling information related to her latest single. Many will recall that Mariah’s single for Loverboy was routinely ridiculed by the industry because of the perception that her overly obsessed fans were each buying tons of copies of the cheap single in order to artificially inflate the numbers. Industry comments centered around the fact that the single had very little airplay which would indicate there was no real desire in the public to hear it, but when it was released the sales were huge. Well the same appears to be happening again with her single Through the Rain.

Fred Bronson with Billboard alluded to this by commenting that Through the Rain, a single that peaked at # 81 in airplay might even jet into the top 10 next week just on sales. Her fans see this as a great thing, they are lusting over anything of hers to again be considered a hit. They are apparently unable to see the implicit derogatory statement that is being made. I have obtained information showing that once again her fans are doing the same thing they did with Loverboy. I have admissions from her fans that in an extremely desperate attempt to make it look as though she is doing well, they are buying multiple copies again. Some fans are admitting to buying 10, 20, and even 30 copies, and just handing them out to people in the mall or just giving them to the homeless. Even the moderators of her official site are encouraging people to buy more than one copy. When you read this I am certain that you, like I, will smell the panic.

Earlier I mentioned that there was an almost pay for vote scheme going on with the voting for TRL, something similar is being done with the single sales. One of her biggest fan sites is requesting that people who purchase numerous copies of the single forward their receipts to the site. What for do you ask? You guessed it, there is a contest awarding a prize to the person that purchases the most copies of the single. It is horrible to see this. People are investing significant sums of money all in order to make it appear that this person is doing better than they really are. They seem to forget that even if they succeed in driving up her sales for a week, it cannot be sustained. It will plummet down the following week and again the media will feast upon the way her fans obsess about making it look like she is doing well.

Below is the link to the page I have created which documents what I have detailed above. I think that most will agree, what we are seeing is a last gasp effort to sustain what is a rapidly deteriorating career.

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