Morton Does Not Quite Get His Subject

Dita De Boni of the New Zealand Herald took a pointed look at the unauthorized biography of Madonna by Andrew Morton. Boni blasts the book saying, “Vacillating from adulation to gutter press-like snipes, the only clear conclusion one can take from the book is that Morton has possibly never had more than a passing acquaintance with his subject-s artistic output.” Dita adds, “For all his painstaking detail, Morton does not quite get his subject, and it shows.”

Madonna Buying Art To Boost Credibility As Artist

December 21, 2001 – Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, for one, tells London’s Daily Telegraph he didn’t think Madonna should have even presented the Turner Prize Award let alone swear to the audience in the process. “Madonna is the last person who should be presenting the prize. Just because she owns a Picasso, it doesn’t mean that she knows anything about art. Madonna has invested in lots of pieces, because she’s looking for some credibility as an artist,” he said.

Madonna Says People Expected Her To Swear

December 21, 2001 – Madonna explained her reasoning behind swearing at the Turner Prize Awards in London telling the Today Show, “Then they said at the end ‘We hope and pray that there is no profanity in your speech.’ So of course I did take that as an invitation and I did swear and I felt much better afterwards.” She added, “People expect it from me.”

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