Mothers Take Kids Home Early From Raunchy Britney Show

The Daily Mail reports that after took her Onyx Hotel tour across the Atlantic on Monday night in London, she managed to get more mothers upset with her raunchy stage show.

Catherine Navin, a 39-year-old travel agent from Hertfordshire, who was there with her 8-year-old son Jackson and 10-year-old daughter Shannon, fumed: “I felt a lot of it was over the top. At one point, when Britney appeared to be naked on stage, I told my children to shut their eyes and look away. I think they were embarrassed more than anything else.”

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11 thoughts on “Mothers Take Kids Home Early From Raunchy Britney Show

  1. Lotus says:

    Why is this considered news? Her fans are too young to see someone faking sex onstage and are therefor leaving her shows before they are over. Why didn’t the parents know that Britney Spears has “grown-up” and has abandoned her “christian values”? This is what their children are exposed to everyday (and tricked into buying) and I guess it’s a rude awakening for the parents.

  2. nicksniki says:

    oh wow what a big deal…parents need to learn to start reading reviews…plus don’t they listen to the CD? ugh anyways I’m sure the show was great … good luck with the rest of the tour brit!

  3. galleta says:

    Don’t be fooled these parents are going to the show to see Brit themselves and then are taking their kids along as an excuse they don’t want anyone to know they are secret Britney fans lol, then when they see they show they feel guilty that they are exposing their kids to a strip show, so they leave, what person doesn’t know that Britney’s shows are very sexual, come on parents stop using your kids as an excuse be brave admit you like Britney and enjoy the show

  4. PlasticPopstarsMustDie says:

    Blame Britney’s PR people’, ‘Look, when you go out of your way to get articles in magazines that preteens read, you’re going to get preteens who want to go to the concerts. The parents should pay closer attention but you can’t put all the blame on them. Products advertised to children sell very well and Britney has just been one of these products. This just proves advertising works and that children don’t have the most discriminating tastes.

  5. hellahooked says:

    I can’t believe parents over react to this. Her concert is not even bad but whatever. Anyways PARENTS need to pay attention to reviews and whatnot. It’s your fault that your children are exposed to this.

  6. Meggz75 says:

    No, blame the parents…..’, ‘It is the parent’s responsibility to know what their kids are into. Today’s parents seem afraid to say ‘No’ to their kids so they just let them do whatever they want and blame everyone else for their actions. It is up to the parents to censor their kids from things they are too young see. These parents have no excuse, Britney’s tour has been reviewed and regardless if it was negative or not, they all pretty much explained the sexual content in it. Her show is sexual, no doubt about it. I was there, I know and if I were a parent I would have never even taken my kids to see it to begin with. Parents just take the easy road out and blame everyone but themselves. Britney cannot be a teenager forever. There is just no excuse to not know what your kids are into. As for advertisers and so forth, they are just out to make a buck, not to raise other people’s kids. We all have to make a living and some choose to by doing things that some would consider morally wrong. Again, parents need and must take a more active role in their kids’ lives, it is just that simple. These mothers who were ‘shocked’ need to get their heads out of their asses and start parenting! IT IS OK TO SAY NO TO YOUR KIDS PEOPLE! UGH! All this BLAME BRITNEY FOR EVERY DAMN THING is getting old! Girls have been dressing sexy for decades before Britney, people have committed suicide before Britney put the idea in a video. Britney has not started anything that has not already been done before. And trust me, people do not commit suicide over some damn video they saw, there are deeper issues there that has NOTHING to do with any musician. And masturbation, hell, I was around 11 when I started, so it isn’t something she started either. Just give Britney a freakin break!

  7. galleta says:

    Advertisers aren’t raising our kids we are, when my parents said no they meant no and no amount of advertising would change their minds. Advertisers don’t feed our kids, Britney doesn’t buy their clothes, we do and we as parents we need to stop putting the blame on others and take some responsibility for our own children. We need to stop letting others raise our children and stop blaming MTV, TV and Britney for our lack of parenting skills, so Plastics although I understand your point, its really just an excuse that allows parents to feel less guilty for failing at thier parenting duties

  8. cheer_tech says:

    okay…people really need to get over this…Britney’s tour has been going on for what, almost 2 months now…all anyone has been talking about is how raunchy it is…parents have no excuse taking their children..if they believe it to be that raunchy… just to set the record straight…the show is not raunchy…the only overtly sexual moments come during “Breathe on Me’ and “Touch of my Hand” which are only 2 of about 20 songs she performs…so it’s like get over it…jeez

  9. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    that’s what I was saying in this Britney vs. Christina essay… Britney’s “OH MY GOD SHES SEXY” shows are ENUFF to even out xtina’s naked and drunk show with three male strippers! (i doubt Britney hadn’t been naked all around)

  10. SpongeBobSquarePants says:

    Meggz75, I agree with you 100%.’, ‘Way too much has been written about this concert for parents to keep pretending to be clueless about it. And TMI on: “And masturbation, hell, I was around 11 when I started, so it isn’t something she started either”. hahaha…TMI…TMI.

  11. MusicBuff70 says:

    I agree, parents SHOULD know better by now. It’s not that big a surprise that Britney isn’t singing “Lollipop, Lollipop” wearing a turtleneck! Come on! I’ve heard a lot of people say that they weren’t expecting the concert to be like it was, but they bought the tickets 3-4 months in advance, so they had no way of knowing what it was like until AFTER the tour had started. After spending all that money, they still went. I warned my best friend not to take her 7 year old daughter, (she WAS going to surprise her with tickets) so she took her 16 year old niece instead.

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