Movie Publicist Gives Hilary Duff & Bodyguard A Scare

A publicist for ‘The Perfect Man’ was “grounded” after pulling a prank on film star Hilary Duff, reports that Toronto Star. A crew member explained, “ has a bodyguard who follows her around all the time on set. They were shooting in a school here in town and the bodyguard was handy pretty much all the time, aware of all noise. This PR person who works for the movie, this foolish person, blows up a balloon behind the bodyguard and pops it just as Hilary Duff is coming out of her trailer. Everyone within a 10-foot area jumps and screams. This person does this kind of thing all the time.” He added, “The only fallout I’ve heard is this person was supposed to go to New York (where the production has moved) but they said, ‘No way, José.'”

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