Mpho Backstage At Glastonbury

Mpho at GlastonburyBackstage footage of Mpho Skeef at Glastonbury last month for her first appearance as a solo artist has been posted at the singer’s MySpace Video channel. She talked about where she’d be performing at the festival and her new single ‘Box n Locks’, coming out on Monday (July 20).

“My first Glastonbury performing, I’ve been here when I’ve done guest vocals and stuff, but it’s my first Glastonbury as me,” Mpho explained. “I am doing the Dirty Boots tent, I am doing BBC Acoustic Lounge I think and I’m doing the lounge tent at the dance area.”

Later, after performing, Mpho said, “The one in the Dirty Boots tent went really well. It was at the same time Bruce Springsteen was on, so I was expecting it to be dead with like three drunk people in there. Actually, it kind of filled out when I went on. People were walking past and coming in, so by the end of the set, we had a fair amount of people in there, which was good considering I was competing with all the headliners.”

Video at MySpace has since been removed.

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