Mpho Reacts To ‘Box N Locks’ Video Comments On YouTube

Skeef checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@mphosounds) on Thursday (June 18), talking about reaction to her recently released ‘Box N Locks’ music video. Skeef writes:

Hello my lovelies… it’s been ages… anyway, my video has gone up on YouTube (50,000 views already)… I’m just dying reading all the comments, lots of really good ones…. thank you all you clever viewers who actually listen to the song before you comment!!! Love Ya….

However I always wonder who has the time and energy to sit there and watch a video they claim not to like and then still engage in cheap conversation about why they don’t like it… if their comments were creative, or based on their opinion of the actual song I wouldn’t mind but to ask “why black people can’t get their own riffs” is like asking why they can’t fry their own chicken… and also how about The Temptations V uh? and how about Etta James Amy Whine house… art is there to cause debate I agree so if you want to we can!… also I’m not only black I’m mixed…. I can do what I want! I can anyway… but for you narrow minded people maybe you should listen to the lyrics, it might free you! So how about that!

Anyway…. I’m really excited about the gigs coming up, 4 appearances at Glastonbury, Wireless, Get Loaded… and of course YOYO next week… expect surprises! Oooh I love it when I get fired up… it makes it so much better lol ;-)

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One thought on “Mpho Reacts To ‘Box N Locks’ Video Comments On YouTube

  1. John M says:

    How are you?
    I still see your name up in bright lights, I always knew you would get there.
    Love to you always,
    ps remember those few days back in Tobago?

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