MTV Latin America Beauty Snogs Topless Paris Hilton

Many blogs are identifying MTV Latin America host Eglantina as the woman Paris Hilton photographed herself kissing while topless on her T-Mobile Sidekick, and not another woman Hilton’s been linked to, Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz. A story at ID’d Paris and Eglantina at Miami’s Rok Bar in October of 2004 kissing while her then boyfriend Simon Rex was in the same room. The heiress’ alleged phone book ID’d Zing as the politically incorrect “Egplant Dike Ass.” The full post at has since been removed.

Christina Aguilera’s Mom: Leaked Paris Numbers Aren’t Hers

February 20, 2005 – Christina’s mother Shelly Kearns was asked about the numbers hacked from Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick, and responded that the numbers posted on the web are not Aguilera’s. Kearns told LiveDaily user tangled_up_in_me: “No, these aren’t her numbers. God bless whomever’s numbers they really are, because I bet they are getting flooded by people calling & wondering why. I don’t know why people do these things, but every so often I’ll run across this. I truly appreciate you letting me know, though, just in case. It’s always best to check to be on the safe side! Can you please spread the word for me, directly from me that no, these aren’t Christina’s numbers?” A discussion at has since been removed.

Paris Hilton’s Phone Hacked

February 20, 2005 – According to The Drudge Report, unlisted and super-secret telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the stars were obtained by hacking Paris’ T-Mobile Sidekick, including Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Andy Roddick, Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Gotti, Vin Diesel, Anna Kournikova and more. “I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she fu**ing kept it on her cellphone,” one star moaned. Drudge added that the FBI is investigating the incident.

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