MTV Movie Awards 2004 Photos

Ashlee Simpson, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera, Cris Judd, Dave Navarro, Haylie Duff, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan, and Nick Carter were on hand for the MTV Movie Awards 2004 at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, California on Saturday (June 5). Check out pictures from GettyImages, RexFeatures, and FilmMagic.

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10 thoughts on “MTV Movie Awards 2004 Photos

  1. BeautifulStrangers says:

    I was so proud of Christina when I saw these pics. She looked absolutely stunning, but of course there’s a butt. There is a pic (more than one I believe) of the back of her dress. She didn’t have it fasten correctly in the back and you can actually see the crack of her ass. Why didn’t someone tell her that her ass was showing. It makes no sense.

  2. xtina_rulz says:

    Have you seen the pic or is it a rumour. Maybe she’d just been to the toilet.

  3. EverybodyHurtsSometimes says:

    I have never heard of Martine McCutcheon but I think I love her. She is a sexy little thang. Jessica Alba looks delectable too.

  4. dyin2bfamous says:

    Someone should tell Kate Beckinsale she has way too much hair for her head. She’s such a beautiful woman and she should never hide her face.

  5. BeautifulStrangers says:

    I wouldn’t have mentioned it,’, ‘If I hadn’t seen it. Someone did mention that there were several like that, but I only saw the one. I have no desire to see any others. I don’t know if she was coming from the bathroom or not but they should have told her that her ass was showing.

  6. aligia says:

    Sharon Stone is so beautiful. Kobe Bryant? Posing to seem good-husband. Britanny’, ‘Murphy is a very charming girl.Eminem showed his ass again , is he searching for a *****er? He has an obsession with showing his ass. Queen Latifah is very feminine. Snoop looking calmer now he is getting divorced.

  7. coco says:


  8. nanda_ho says:

    Nick Carter was the ugliest c lister there. he should search for a job at wendy’s. fat ugly cow

  9. milasmine says:

    Nick looks gorgeous. Paris looks beautiful. Christina looks better than she ever has and as much as I think Ashlee Simpson is pretty that outfit did look like Mrs. Ropers ;)

  10. averageanything says:

    I got bored quickly with this years movie awards. I don’t know, the only thing that has kept me watching that special the past few years is the comedians that have hosted it. This one to me was just boring, and just cheesey. The stars were awesome as always, but the actual show itself sucked to me. That’s my opinion. I don’t hate Lindsay Lohan or anything, but I don’t think she should host the show again… wasn’t crazy about the little skits and stuff she did. Some of the skits looked like they were for a high school drama production…but, that’s just me.

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