MTV UK’s Jasmine Praises New Mariah Carey Tracks

left a voice message for fans on her official website on Monday. Mariah said, “Hi lambs. Anyway, I’m still here working on the album and, you know, doing the best I can to enjoy the beautiful surroundings when I get a chance and, umm, just wanted to check in and let you know that I love you much and, umm, things of that sort. Now, my friend is here from England, Jasmine from MTV. Some of you may know her. And we’re practicing ‘Bianca-isms’ again, but, I’m not ready to go back into that yes cuz I [in English accent] don’t have it down quite well enough, darlings. Oh, hold on.”

Jasmine came on saying, “Darlings, I don’t know who Jasmine in is. This is Bianca. I just wanted to let you know, as much as it pains me to say so, I’ve been listening to Mariah’s new tracks today. I managed to sneak the exclusive and hear them and, I’ve got to say, they’re what we call in England, ‘banging’ and ‘heavy’ – meaning amazingly great. So, I know you’ll be looking forward to that. I’ll pass it back now.”

Mariah added, “It is, it is actually Jasmine. [Laughing] Alright lambs. Love you much! Talk to you soon. Bye.”

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