MTV’s Carson Daly Roasted In Hollywood

Turnabout is fair play as Carson Daly found out on Saturday night, when Britney Spears, Jon Stewart and former girlfriends Tara Reid and Jennifer Love Hewitt roasted MTV’s most famous host at a comedy concert. “That’s pretty much how it’s going to go tonight,” Carson told Entertainment Tonight. “Imagine having all of your ex-girlfriends under one roof. Good times.” Britney Spears, who also took part in the roasting, told ET, “We’re here to honor him by dishonoring him. My friend Carson is the kind of man who can interview anyone, anywhere, about anything and still manage to say nothing at all!”

Carson Daly’s Dose Of Insults

Access Hollywood was on hand for Carson Daly’s MTV Bash, where the TRL host asked how former girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt got along with his parents on the red carpet, the first time they’d spoken since their breakup. Meanwhile, Britney Spears remarked, “He is a man who goes out of his way, especially for the less fortunate, young, attractive women, who would do anything for a concert ticket or a backstage pass.”

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