MTV’s TRL Does Not Want To Play any Backstreet Boys Videos?

Contributed Anonymously:

The following email was sent into a fansite ( online by Leighanne Littrell (Brian Litterells wife) and her assistant Carey regarding MTV and why they have stopped playing ‘Just Want You To Know’ on MTV. Here is what they wrote:

[…] Also, a little FYI for you to do with what you would like. At present time MTV states they do not want to play BSB’s music because they do not want pop music to make a comeback. Their quote is that they don’t want to open Pandora’s Box. Anything the fans could do to support the boys and not to give MTV the power to decide that what the world should and should not hear. This is the second time MTV has tried to hold down the BSB from becoming the best that they can be. If there is anything you can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated. […]

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11 thoughts on “MTV’s TRL Does Not Want To Play any Backstreet Boys Videos?

  1. Smile says:

    I’m not surprised but I am glad the guys know about it. The video for “Just Want You To Know” was number one on MTV’s website the first day or two it was out. Then MTV took it down for unknown reasons. The same thing with “Incomplete” being on the countdown the first week or two and then one day it was off. That doesn’t make any sense because the same people were voting the whole time.

  2. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I wish pop/dance music would make a comeback in the US’, ‘I’m sick of all of this hip-hop/rap/R&B sh**!

  3. divinah says:

    I don’t understand all this hatred toward pop.’, ‘Pop fans unite! End the reign of those ugly hip-hoppers.

  4. popstar says:

    if that’s the case, why is Hilary Duff still on TRL?

  5. GuiltyPleasures says:

    I doubt this is true considering they still play Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson all the time. But no BSB is a good thing, IMO. Oh well, to each his own.

  6. music143 says:

    Pop music is so much better than this lousy punk.grundge/gangsta crap… it tends to have better messages a more positive outlook, and it’s just more pleasant, I’m sick of all this crap on tv right now, I’d like to see true pop make it’s comeback, and not just slutty pop, but real pop music… I hope BSB fans and pop music fans can unite to get through to MTV that they can’t choose what we should listen too, pop has HUGE fan power.

  7. Smile says:

    Jessica hasn’t been on the countdown much. Hilary has been on a few times I’ve watched. Though I don’t watch TRL all that much. Hilary is gettig played because she is getting popular right now. Or so that is what I’ve been told. MTV was all about the BSB a few years back because the BSB were the most popular entertainers out. They have sold more albums than any group in the last 15 years. It’s very hard to tell what’s going on. There’s a chance this email is from Leighanne and there’s a chance that it isn’t real. This is getting around to alot of BSB websites, so hopefully one of the guys will say something about it. The BSB might not be on the countdown everyday for the simple reason that only so many videos can make it onto TRL in a day. Alot of artists have fans voting.

  8. chickawickabob says:

    this is stupid. bsb deserves their time just as well as anyone else. maybe mtv shouldn’t call themselves music television since they don’t want to play what the people want. maybe they should call themselves we play what we want tv.

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    um, ok, tell us something we don’t know!!! I don’t believe the reason because they are playing music that is far more POP than anything Backstreet has these days, so whatever…. It’s time to set the fans in motion and make a move!

  10. fpasko says:

    Let’s face it. BSB is over. I admit, that they were pretty good 6 years ago but they are basically in popularity. There isn’t as big of a demand for them as there was 6 years ago. “Never Gone” didn’t even stay in the top 20 that long. I really don’t believe MTV has something against BSB. The reason why their videos aren’t really shown anymore is again because of lack of interest. They certainly didn’t have a problem showing their videos 6 years ago. Think about it, BSB was everywhere then. Their CDs sold millions all over the world. Right now, not as many people care anymore. And just because their music may be more “matured” doesn’t make it great. Also, the music climate goes through changes all the time. When BSB was big, the whole hip-hop..rock…pop-punk..wasn’t as big as it is now.

  11. Potrzebie says:

    I don’t see why MTV should have an agenda. They should play what the public wants. I remember Dick Clark in a interview talking about American Bandstand, saying he was like the grocer – he put up on the shelves what the people were buying. He didn’t need to have any particular opinions about whether it was good or bad, this or that.

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