Murphy’s Law Strikes Kreesha Turner At Fashion Cares

Kreesha Turner

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kreeshaturner) on Monday (November 3), after her performance at Saturday night’s ‘Fashion Cares’ AIDS/HIV fundraiser, where the Canadian singer ran into problems when it was her turn to sing.

Rushing backstage, getting into place and as my exact Que hit a group of models split from center stage revealing me. I hear the drums kick in, LETS GO! Within seconds I knew something was wrong… no music… only drums and base… but we already started… we can’t stop now. So I kept going… Acting like nothing was wrong even tho it was clear something was. I could see people in the audience looking at the guys in the sound booth wondering what was going on and why there was no music…

With only one song, it was over in lightening speed. All I can remember is getting off stage and wanting to bawl.. I know it was no one’s fault… The computer froze (damn technology)… but I can’t help but feel like I let everyone down including myself. I had such high expectations for myself that night… *sigh* guess I felt the wrath of Murphy’s law :( Regardless my band and backup singers were Amazing! Thanks guys!

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