Music Industry Needs To Accept Ashlee Simpson Is A Defective Product

Contributed Anonymously:

Like many of you, I despise that the recording industry churns out mediocre “performers” for the sake of making a buck – instead of making the effort to seek out truly talented entertainers and develop their careers. However, if they are going to do continue to cop out and leach off existing “brands” (Jessica Simpson), they need to just own up to the fact that is one product that is hopelessly defective, and quit subjecting the public to her appallingly awful performances.

She cannot sing. Her dance moves are beyond unattractive. She doesn’t have an ounce of sex appeal, stage charisma, and definitely has zero character. The way she handled the SNL experience – right after and ever since – shows she has the backbone of a strand of spaghetti. Blaming her band wasn’t enough, now she is attacking her critics by saying “they’re just old people who watch the news.”

In her defense, she comes from a vulgar, greedy family where ethics and character probably took a back seat. Obviously, no one ever taught either of the Simpson girls a little thing called humility.

Nevertheless, the Simpson family would not be in the public eye at all if the music industry’s primary focus was on finding truly talented singers and performers so that the public actually had quality music to listen to (music that’s not created by Auto-tone). To date, the public has tolerated, but a backlash is finally happening, and we can thank Ashlee Simpson (and her father) for that, at least.

Memo to the music industry: set your standards higher, and give the public truly fan-worthy performers, and maybe you’ll see record numbers start to climb again.

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