Music People Clamor To Sign Mariah Carey

Access Hollywood led Thursday’s show with comments from the music stars that turned up to the Jay-Z & R. Kelly press conference, all who were in support of and interested in signing Mariah Carey. R. Kelly himself said, “She should holler at me, man, because I could turn the whole thing around.” Read on for a transcript.

Sorry, the transcript generator won’t name who is who, just know they were all bigshots at the Jay-Z R. Kelly press conference:

>> Reporter: Industry rule number 480 — record company people are shady. That from Mariah Carey, as the end of her $80 million EMI contract is just the beginning of the war of words. Here’s the problem. After lawyers from both sides spent ten days hammering out the wording of the press release, it was agreed that the word “canceled” would be used to indicate both sides ended the relationship. But when EMI followed with their own release using the term “terminated,” Mariah’s camp cried foul, calling the behavior deplorable. EMI’s high profile attorney Bert Fields retaliates with this — “They were upset because it implied that we said Ms. Carey was unilaterally dumped, but that was not the case.”

>> Would you hire her? Would you want her on your label?

>> She’s a huge superstar. Who wouldn’t?

>> Reporter: Jay Z worked with Mariah on “Heartbreaker.” He’s currently collaborating with fellow superstar R. Kelly. Both rallied around Mariah while talking to our Billy Bush today.

>> She should holler at me, man, because I could turn the whole thing around.

>> Letting go is a loss, because I think Mariah Carey is a superstar.

>> Reporter: Music executives Andre Harrell of Nu America Music and Barry Weiss of Jive Records believe only fools would think Carey’s no longer a top talent.

>> You could never ever count her out. She’s an amazing artist.

>> Might you make a play for her?

>> Of course we might.

>> I would sign tomorrow. When I leave this interview, I’m gonna call her.

>> Are you really?

>> I love Mariah Carey. She’s fabulous.

>> Reporter: After erratic behavior last summer, a disappointing film and cd and a hospital stay for exhaustion, 2001 was a year to forget for Carey. But last week, when we talked to Mariah at the Sundance film festival, her outlook was positive.

>> I’m always gonna sing. I love singing. I’ll always write songs. I’ll always be — music will always be — like i can barely live without my radio.

>> Reporter: The whole world will get to hear Mariah again in just over a week, singing the National Anthem at the football event of the year.

>> The Super Bowl I’m very excited about. I know nothing about football.

>> It’s okay. For which label she may end up signing with, a representative of Clive Davis tells us today there’s no negotiation taking place between the label and Mariah.

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