Music & Sex – Baby – Do It One More Time

Contributed by MusicHomme:

Why are these two supposedly different elements seem to be appear as such odd and irrelevant fellows but when together, make such powerful alliance? And the translation of the previous statement in English – Why sex and music sell?

Lavigne has not done, Spears did it first, Aguilera has done it way too many times, Beyonce Knowles is getting to do it more and Branch is just starting to do it. With a wiggle of their aerobically enhanced booty and a flash of their womanly bosoms, the world just cannot resist watching.

It is funny, actually downright hilarious, when hypocritical female pop stars point fingers at their peers for selling sex. Everyone started brand new… like a virgin – no pun intended but come the second album with the lack-lustre sales, and MTV refusing to air their videos, many decided to retract to the surefire formula.

Branch used to call Spears talentless and hated to be associated with her. With a couple of buttons undone and her panties showing, Branch quickly retracted the statement, calling Spears her new best friend. Aguilera in a recent interview was reminded that she once said, “Me running around in hot pants would not help a girl’s self esteem” Nowadays, she seems to be wearing hot pants in church… ONLY HOT PANTS…. and dear God-fearing Beyonce, with some bible-thumping abilities, writhed on a bed, all sweaty and bothered… Hmmmm…

Vanessa Carlton, and Hillary Duff will all release their sophomore efforts soon, and according to my crystal ball, everyone will drop their anti-Britney stance (except for Duff who acknowledges Spears), book a photo shoot with Maxim, make a “womanly and artistic” video, discovers their womanhood … and baby… do it for the first time.

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8 thoughts on “Music & Sex – Baby – Do It One More Time

  1. Jive says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. That was funny, Christina Aguilera wearing only hot pants to Church. That’s so her. But it would be weird to see Hilary Duff half nude. Ewwwww!

  2. babet says:

    “and baby… do it for the first time.” ahahha. lol. Avril I highly doubt has the body to be sexy. Beyonce is turning into a hypocrite (ie. look trashy…and then praise herself for not being trashy…wtf). Britney’s had to resort to it because she’s got no talent. vanessa….lets hope not…..for our sake. Hilary duff….thats just wrong. don’t be gettin pictures in my head. that’s just nasty. Christina is doing it way less now. she hasn’t done a nudie slutty photo in the longest time. that’s last years news buddy. now that she’s got beautiful, fighter, and voice within under her belt she’s been dressing more classier now…weirder but classier.

  3. Jive says:

    True, Christina has been wearing clothes nowadays. It’s funny I find that weird. Want to see a nude Hilary Duff pic? I know you would.

  4. weebongo says:

    For Mariah it backfired the more naked she got the more her albums were left in the record stores gathering dust. When she left her clothes on and had Tommy controlling her career she was selling now Mariah is music’s biggest flop.

    Before she could go 8x platinum with an album. Glitter only went gold. Shows how much it backfired for her. Their is no artist that selling sex did more damage to in terms of sales than Mariah.

  5. hotstuff says:

    I think there was a kind of hidden message in Britney’s MATM video. When it first came out lots of people were comparing it to DIRRTY and I was like, how can you people make that comparison. they were two completely different videos but did make great dance songs. Dirrty was basically true to its name. Christina want to make a bang w/ this record and the 1st single and, yup it worked. She went all out on this video and by that I mean gyrating, huge sweaty guys that look like their named Mo, contorchinists (sp?) etc. MATM kind of had the same vibe. It was a club scene for sure but as for appearance, it couldn’t b more different. Where as Christina bared all Britney was practically covered up from head to toe. BOTTOMLINE: What I think Britney was basically saying in MATM was “I can be covered up from head to toe in a tie and suit, and you people will still make my video and album go to #1 on TRL and Billboard”. And true to that, we did. We all know Britney could take it all of if she wanted too, and gain tons of publicity for it. And for the 1st video, you’d think she would, but she didn’t. But I can’t say the same for her magazine covers.

    I don’t get why people are continuly surprised by this. We’ve had 20 years of MTV and 20 years of women taking their clothes of, for the P.R. or is it a conscious decision…who knows. Do people feel it objectifies women, yes. For the most part y I think people are throwing a hissy fit about all of this is because of the influence it has. Its so easy for a young girl to see Brit or Christina doing their thing onstage and get a warped mindest in their head. But instead of constantly blaming these girls, maybe we should try and educate our girls on the boundaries and how far you can take it. Britney, Xtina, Beyonce etc. grew up on Madonna, Janet, Mariah and Whitney and they turned out just fine.

  6. jimmypee says:

    xtina did it too many times? she was on TWO magazine covers you dickhead. Flopneys been stripping on every magazine in the country. stupid little wh0re. and the only ones pointing fingers at their peers are branch and SPEARS. stupid gutless little wh0res. no class whatsoever.

  7. JMAX says:

    Xtina had multiple nude/semi-nude photos in Maxim, Blender, Rolling Stone, Face (or something like that), her album cover, and probably more. Britney did it for Elle, Esquire, and Rolling Stone. Shut the hell up!

  8. getalifeyall says:

    I think if the guys on popdirt respected women or the women here respected themselves, they’d agree that the most liberating thing a woman can have is a choice. A choice to grow up, a choice to change their minds, a choice to dress up or the choice to get naked. It’s not as if we’re dealing with delicate beings who have no control over what they’re doing. These women are smart and talented and can do what they want. If society doesn’t like it, they can stop buying records and start changing the channel, but no one can take away these women’s right to choose. Its almost 2004 people. Wake up and smell the vagina. Women have just as many rights as a man does to do whatever they want. They don’t want or need our opinions or approval to further their success. That’s what Madonna was trying to do in the 80s and 90s was open doors for people like Christina and Britney to be themselves. Now artists like Michelle Branch are playing around with their image and having fun and we want to stop her by calling her a hypocrite. It isn’t going to happen. She doesn’t need to be just one way because we feel safe thinking we know what she’s about. She’s an artist and its her job to make art and it’s her right to make it any way she wants to. So lets cut the sexist crap and name calling. It’s almost 2004 for the love of God!

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