My Opinion On The *NSYNC Reunion And Justin Timberlake

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I am a fan of *NSYNC. I love as a band. I also like solo. Justin obviously isn’t as good solo but had two good songs I liked, ‘Rock Your Body’ and my personal favorite ‘Cry me a River’. But I do think *NSYNC as a band is better. When Justin went solo I kind of was sad and upset cause most of the time when a member of a band goes solo the band breaks-up. I of course like anybody else did not want my favorite band splitting! Now I hear the rumors that said he is 100% positive *NSYNC is recording another CD. But then on the other hand I heard Justin’s comments about how *NSYNC was Disneyland to him and that ‘Justified’ is 10 times better than anything *NSYNC has ever done! I think you’re wrong Justin! So it’s a 50/50 chance in my brain. Well, I guess we will see.

Is this the end of *NSYNC? Or is The Beginning of The End? Or could it still just be the beginning in a long life career? Soon We Will Know.

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4 thoughts on “My Opinion On The *NSYNC Reunion And Justin Timberlake

  1. ox-bo says:

    NSYNC are long gone. They’ve already broken up. They just haven’t made it public so as to not alienate their fan base especially now that JC’s album is due out. It makes total sense if you examine it. Who wants to take 1/5 of the money while only having 1/5 of the musical input. If you were Justin would you like Lance or Joey to have input in what you put out.(Lance says,” You know, Justin, I think all this soulful ballad needs is some more cowbell”) Back up dancers are way cheaper. And to be honest most of the guys have lost their boyband cuteness. The days of the boyband are over, but if you wait another 20 years who knows? Just an opinion.

  2. Jive says:

    Well, she’s right that most of the time a member goes solo, the whole band breaks apart. But I don’t see Justin recording an album with Nsync anytime soon since he found his new found fame, at least as a solo artist. With all the recognition he got as being solo that he never had with the band, there’s more of a chance of a breakup than a reconciliation. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait.

  3. dazeme11531 says:

    I am also a Nsync fan and a huge Justin fan…I still love both and always will regardless if they break up or not. I personally don’t think that have or will break up anytime soon. They promised their fans another album and I believe the guys will live up to that promise. Just because Justin had a successful solo career doesn’t mean Nsync can’t ge back together and work their magic again. And also just because some other ‘boy bands’ have disappeared…like BSB…(even tho they are recording again) doesn’t mean *NSYNC will too. They are NOT like everyone else and they’ve proven that thro the years…maybe they will do what BSB did and take a few years off and come back and record…who knows! But I’m not believing any of the bullsh** about them breakin up till there is a press conference or I hear the words come from each of Justin, Joey, JC, Chris and Lance’s mouths.

  4. Jenna-Taylia says:

    Justin has done really well here in Britain lately, before he was simply referred to as “Britney’s ex” in the tabloids. *Nsync have never really been that popular over here, none of them are household names (except Justin now) but ‘Girlfriend’ earned them some sort of recognition & then they disappeared.I went to see JT when he toured here both last year and beginning of this year, and in my opinion he didn’t look like he wanted to share the stage with anybody!!! I recently saw his mum say in an interview that he always wanted 2 b a solo artist. Maybe *Nsync will get back 2gether for possibly 1 more album and tour and then call it a day. Who Knows?!

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