My Review Of Nick Carter’s Concert

Contributed by Nicsbaby69:

On March 1st, I got to see in concert. It was the first concert I have seen of any of the boys. I couldn’t get no pictures because of the fact the Rave had a rule of no cameras. I mean they took so many girls from out of the Rave because they had a camera. My mom wanted to sneak one in but they had coat check, purse check, patted ya down and used a metal detector on ya. So we didn’t take one in cause I would have rather had no pictures and stayed and watched Nick then not have nothing at all. But I did get pics of all 3 tour busses. We had to wait an hour and a half outside until they let us in. Then we had to wait about another 45 minutes downstairs in the club area until we got upstairs to the concert part. My mom had reserved VIP seats on the balcony, so I had wonderful viewing of Nick. The only bad thin was is that I wasn’t down on the floor to get wet or anything. But it was about another 45 minutes before the show started. While we were waiting there was some guy coming up by us and talking to these girls that were maybe 6 feet away from me and these other 2 girls got their picture taken with them and it made me and these other girls wonder. Well come to find out, it was one of the guitar players for Nicks opening band SEV. I felt so dumb cause I didn’t know what SEV looked like and I didn’t get the chance to actually meet him. I could actually kick myself now.

Finally the show started and JOJO from Kiss in Milwaukee came out and introduced VI3. They came out and they looked so HOT. They performed 4 songs including “Eyes Closed So Tight” and “Go Get Her”. I have never seen such awesome dance moves like they had. They had so much energy on stage and they were really good to watch. I figured when I went that the opening acts I would care for but VI3 proved me wrong. I hope to actually see them again, cause after that show I have become a big fan of theirs. The other 2 songs they performed I didn’t know cause I had never heard them before. But I really enjoyed their show and they had plenty of their own fans there. I mean everyone was screaming so loud for them, even me! :) Out of Justin, Lucus, and Jackie, I really liked Justin. I mean he reminds me of A.J. cause he was lifting his shirt and showing his Abs which was really really nice. Lucus and Jackie aren’t bad looking either. :P

After VI3 performed and we waited till they got set-up, then SEV came out and performed. They more for a harder band. But I really liked them. The only song I knew of theirs was “Same Old Day” from the Pepsi Blue commercial. My mom didn’t care for them cause they were to much more Rock than she is used to *L*. They performed 4 songs as well. They had so much energy, I mean they were jumping around like monkeys on stage. It was so awesome. They were throwing empty bottles of water they were drinking from out to the crowd and I remember seeing 2 girls fighting over a bottle from them. SEV had an autograph signing downstairs by the stage after they were done performing, but I didn’t want to miss the beginning of Nicks performance so I stayed where I was. But I did enjoy their performance.

Finally the part of my night I’ll never forget, Nicks performance. We had to wait for a bit for them to set up for Nicks band but it was worth it. His band came on stage and there were some screams but then they started the beginning of “Girls In The USA” and everyone went nuts and Nick came running out on stage. His hair looked like he stuck his finger in a light socket. But he still looked good. He was wearing this sweater which had a red t-shirt under it and tan Pants. He looked really good. H was jumping around on stage and acting crazy. He performed all of his songs on his album except “Miss America” and “Is It Saturday Yet?”. He was spitting water all over the crowd and getting them wet with water. He was also throwing the empty water bottles to the crowd which they were fighting over also. Nick performed a melody of 3 BSB songs which were “Quite Playing Game”, “I Want It That Way” and “Shape Of My Heart”. I mean the whole place went nuts when they started playing it. It was total Kaos. Nick did other songs like “Shout”and “Forever Rebel”. I’ll never forget any of it. I may not have pictures but it is in my mind forever. At the end he did a song called “Paradise City”. He didn’t do the whole song, just part of it. If ya ask me, it seemed to go by way to fast. I could have watched him perform all night long. He introduced his band and while they were either playing guitar or whatever Nick was at the side of the stage just chillin watching them, he looked so hot standing there. His band is really awesome, they have some great talent. They aren’t to bad looking either :P. But finally Nick was done performing. Before the show finally ended my mom went and got her purse and our coats. She was gonna try and get back into the concert part and take pics since if she got kicked out it wouldn’t matter, but she couldn’t. She went outside by SEV’s tour bus and she actually talked to their bus driver and told us where Nicks bus was at and after I came out we went back by his bus. But the thing is, there was maybe 25-30 girls already out there and plus a lot lot more on the way. There was about and hour wait till he came out cause he had meet and greets, then to take a shower. So my mom and I didn’t wait cause it was even colder outside now and I didn’t want to get trampled and pushed, so we went back to the hotel. Even tho I didn’t meet him, it was still the night of my life. Well there’s the whole story, I hope I covered everything!


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